10 Tips to Save Energy On PC And Laptop

Below are ten tips that you can use to save energy consumption on the pc and laptop.

1. Adjust monitor brightness and contrast
Maybe for the layman or novice in using computers, they rarely pay attention to their monitor settings. What is meant in this case is the level of illumination and contrast are set too high to be able to spend a lot of energy. So for that you should be able to adjust lighting and contrast, to adjust lighting and contrast of these monitors use the button under the monitor.

2. Turn off the monitor
Tip of the two is to turn off the monitor, especially the monitor type is the type of CRT (Cathode Ray Tubel), because these types of monitors consume more electricity. So, if you want to leave the PC in a long time, you should turn off your monitor.
You can also set its Windows to automatically direct die within a certain time, it can be done in a way, click "Control Panel-Options". In "Power Options Properties" click the tab "Power Schemes". Then click the arrow in the "Power Schemes" and select "Home / Office Desk". Then select the desired time on the "Turn Off Monitor" and click "Apply" and "OK".

3. Turn off hard disks
Although we are not doing anything on our computer, but your data will always be read from the hard disk (by the operating system and some applications). For this reason, the hard disc hard disk will be constantly spinning and of course this will use up energy. If you want to leave your PC in a long time, then you should turn off your PC's hard disk. In "Power Options Properties" then click the tab "Power Schmes". Click the arrow in the "Power Schemes" and select "Home / Off desk". Then click "Turn off hard disks" and select the time. Then click "Apply" and "Ok".

4. Turn off other equipment
Turn off other equipment such as, speakers, external modems, scanners, Zip drives and printers. Because the equipment was so spent a lot of energy. Often people leave the equipment switched on, even when we're out for a long time.

5. Hibernate mode
Hibernate mode this is the facility to shut down, but not close or shut down applications that are opened by us earlier. This can be done by Mode "Hibernate". With this mode, the contents of main memory (RAM) is stored in the hard disk. How to do the hibernate mode is as follows, on "Power Options" tab click "Hibernate". Then click the box next to "Enable Hibernation". Click also on the "Advanced" tab. In the section "When I press the power button" then click the arrow and then click "Hibernate". Click "Apply" and "Ok". After that press the button "Power" on your computer. Hibernate mode is functioning, press the "Power" once again, your computer will turn on and will automatically open the applications you have open earlier.

6. Standby Mode
In order to save energy, we recommend setting the monitor and hard disks are in the lowest part in standby mode. If you want to leave the PC for a while, you should activate the standby mode. But you should know is, when the active standby mode data are not you save may be corrupted or lost if your PC is damaged. We recommend that you first save your data or documents before you activate this standby mode. Standby mode can be done in a way, click the "Start-Turn Off computer" then click on "standby".

7. Use UPS
Always use a UPS, because this tool can help to rescue data or shut down during a blackout. To set the UPS equipment and configure the tool "Power Option Properties" and select the UPS tab. UPS status section of the tab displays the estimated number of minutes that can be supported by UPS to your PC. In fact many ways to configure the UPS, but this depends on the model and used the UPS capacity.

8. Laptop Batteries
If you charge the laptop battery, make sure its charge process is complete. Because the charge carried a half-half and then resumed, it will actually spend a lot of energy. If you want to travel, you should always take the battery tambaha. To save battery consumption. You can use the Hibernate feature / Suspended or use an electric socket that plugs into a wall outlet.

9. USB Port
If when you make use of the laptop and then you can enter one into the USB port on your laptop, you should immediately be released when it's finished it. Because the equipment is still stuck in the USB port, it can also be exhausting on your PC or laptop. Should remove the device when pemakainnya thats enough.

10. Energy Consumption Scheme Laptops
Usually laptop manufacturers also include power management features and software. This software is very useful for the consumer laptop, because the software is able to regulate the use of batteries and electric power is being used. In this software there are several options that can be used to load the hard disk and other energy that is being used by the laptop. Among know the processor speed or monitor the proper lighting to conserve battery life. This software can simultaneously be a watchdog for us in using the laptop.


Knowing the IP Address Email Sender

When you read an email may be only visible date information, to, cc, bcc, subject and message. Yet every email sent must include the complete information such as message id, mailer, ip addresses, and so on.

If you want to know the ip address and isp email sender which is used you can read the following tips.

Yahoo Mail:

Login to Yahoo Mail.
Choose one of the emails that you want to check.
Click on the menu or Full Header link located in the lower right.
Locate the "Received: from [...] by".
In the example below the IP addresses are

MS Outlook Express:

Open the Outlook Express program.
Right click on one of the emails that you want to check.
Click the Properties menu.
Click the Details tab.

If you already get the ip address further information you can check the ISP that is used along with his city.

To check the IP Address provided by your ISP when you connect to the internet, you can visit the website:


Google has added Games facilities to Google +

Google has added a game / games in the Google + primarily Flash-based games, including titles such as Poker Zynga Zynga and the Angry Birds from the Rovio and the Blitz Bejeweled from PopCap. Google informs that this game, updates the status of Game and game performance data will only appear in the Games tab. Game applications / games need to be adjusted to the Game API of Google to be able to fully connect to the Google social network + this.

About 16 games will be available as a start. Add game / games to Google + is considered as an important step for Google to reduce the dominance of Facebook from the social web.

Tips for Choosing Web Hosting

When we want to buy a Web hosting service, sometimes we like dizzy because of the many hosting services available. With any luck, then we will get satisfaction when you first choose a Web Hosting. But how about vice versa? Luck will not come without us working on it. Perhaps time for us to be smart in choosing a Web hosting service.

Here are some tips for you in choosing a Web hosting service:

1. Quality Web Hosting

Quality Web Hosting is an important thing we must note. Do teriming hereafter by a very low price. Need to first check the quality of Web Hosting. For example the power of the computer servers used, security, access speed, etc..

2. Facilities and Features

It is also important in a Web Hosting melilih. Inspect existing facilities, whether it meets what we need. One important facility is the web hosting management, which includes Domain setup (our Web address). besides, if we choose Web Hosting's support for data migration or move Hosting?

3. Price

Cheap price is not a problem as long as the quality, facilities and features are all met. Actually the price of a Web Hosting it depends on the amount of space that we want to rent. But we must also be observant and rational thinking of the price offered by the Web Hosting services. Includes unlimited access on offer with the price, does it make sense?

4. Customer Support and Corporate Locations

Internet is vulnerable to fraud. Therefore you need to browse first and Customer Support locations of a company's Web Hosting services. I do not mean it means we have to visit his office, but we simply call it Customer Support. If we are served well and answered our questions satisfactorily, then it is definitely a Web Hosting service that we choose it really professional. Additionally you can also ask friends or others who have tried, usually can be asked in the forums.

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