Indonesia akan melakukan migrasi dari tv analog ke tv digital 2012-2017

Siaran TV digital akan dimulai tahun (2012). Era penyiaran digital sudah di depan mata. Masyarakat akan dapat menikmati konten siaran yang lebih berkualitas dan beragam secara free-to-air. Hal ini dapat terjadi karena tepat pada tanggal 22 November yang lalu, Kementerian Komunikasi dan Informatika selaku regulator telah menetapkan Peraturan Menteri Kominfo No.22/PER/M.KOMINFO/11/2011 tentang Penyelenggaraan Penyiaran Televisi Digital Terestrial Penerimaan Tetap Tidak Berbayar (free to air).

Semua negara harus telah menetapkan tahun migrasi dari siaran analog ke digital. Negara-negara maju di Eropa dan Amerika Serikat bahkan telah mematikan siaran analog (analog switch-off) dan beralih ke siaran digital. Pemerintah Indonesia menetapkan bahwa selambat-lambatnya implementasi penyiaran digital dimulai tahun 2012 dan di tahun-tahun berikutnya di kota-kota besar yang telah bersiaran digital akan dilakukan analog switch-off. Dalam roadmap implementasi penyiaran televisi digital, Pemerintah merencanakan bahwa tahun 2018 akan dilakukan analog switch-off secara nasional. Oleh karena itu, sejak kini masyarakat dan para pelaku industri agar mempersiapkan diri untuk melakukan migrasi dari era penyiaran televisi analog menuju era penyiaran televisi digital.


'Blood & Glory' Delivers the Goods but Might Bleed Your Wallet Dry

Though the gladiatorial game "Blood and Glory" sports some good graphics, it doesn't quite match the fun or interest of something like "Infinity Blade." But it is good for a few hours of slashy-bloody combat fun. Although the game is free, it might require a few in-app purchases to see all the game has to offer -- unless you're willing to devote many, many hours of your life to earning in-game loot

Can a Software Update Quench Kindle Firestorm?

Amazone.com (Nasdaq: AMZN) will release a software update for the Kindle Fire in about two weeks, company spokesperson Kinley Pearsall told TechNewsWorld.

"We're rolling out an over-the-air update ... that will improve performance, touch navigation, and give customers the option to choose what items display on the carousel," Pearsall elaborated.

The moves comes in the wake of a spate of complaints from disgruntled consumers perturbed by, among other things, a lack of parental controls and privacy features, an inability to turn off Amazon's noted 1-Click ordering feature, and issues with the hardware controls.

"Kindle Fire is the most successful product we've already launched," Pearsall added.


Toshiba Portege Z830 Ultrabook

It seems that ultrabooks are increasingly taking the place of netbooks in the market. Ultrabooks offer the same and even better features than the erstwhile netbooks but with slightly larger screen sizes, making them a better option nowadays for many people. That is why many companies are now getting on board the ultrabook bandwagon by introducing their own ultrabook models. One of the more recent ones is the Toshiba Portege Z830 Ultrabook Series.

The Toshiba Portege Z830 Series comes in 4 models with different internal specs and options for different people’s needs. It is being marketed as the world’s lightest 13-inch ultrabook. A Toshiba Portege Z830 Ultrabook can feature an Intel Core i3, an i5 or an i7 processor. It can also have a 4GB or 6GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Mobile Intel HD Graphics, and a 13.3 inch widescreen display. It also weighs only a light 2.4 pounds. The Toshiba Portege Z830 Ultrabooks are now available at Toshiba. Prices start from US$929 to US$1,429 for the higher-end models.

Fujifilm X-S1 has a 26x Optical Zoom

Camera category of 'bridge' or bridge camera will soon be launched by Fujifilm. With up to 26x zoom favor, the X-S1 Fujifilm cameras enliven the competition which is the incorporation of this compact and DSLR.

He will go on sale in February next year with a tag of 699 Pounds Sterling or USD 9.8 million (1 GBP = USD 14 115). Here it is 10 points which deserve the highlights of the camera:

1. 26x Optical Zoom Can Be Promoted
Long zoom lens is the flagship bridge camera features such as the one in Canon Powershot SX40 where it offers 35x zoom and f/2.8 maximum aperture. Although zoomnya shorter than the SX40, but is equipped with Intelligent Digital Zoom capability which can increase the range zoomnya up to 2x. Fujifilm claims the photo quality is not reduced.

2. EXR CMOS sensor
Fujifilm EXR wear size CMOS sensor 2 / 3 inch with 12 million pixels. Sensor similar to that used in the X10. Echoed, he was able to overcome obstacles in low light conditions.

3. High ISO
This camera ISO sensitivity from 100-3200 but can be pushed up to 12 800 when shooting in JPEG format small.

4. Tilt the LCD Screen
Sized 3-inch LCD which is owned by X-S1 can be tilted so that helps when photographing an object with a difficult angle. LCD is also equipped with a daylight mode in which helps users to reduce glare when shooting in bright sun light.

5. EXR Processor Promising Quick Shot
EXR processor has a high speed sehhingga he could take pictures with full resolution of up to 7fps. In fact, users are also able to shoot 10fps with a reduction of up to 6 MP image quality.

6. EXR Auto Mode
Reported by TechRadar on Monday (11.28.2011), X-S1 comes with an auto EXR mode that is able to detect the scene in front of the camera and provide the appropriate camera settings.

The key features Fujifilm X-S1:

26x optical zoom to Intelligent zoom up to 52x zoom
EXR 12 megapixel CMOS sensor
Up to 10fps shooting
EVF & LCD tilt screen
Full HD video
PASM modes
Raw file format
Macro focus to 1cm


5 Tips to Avoid Tired Eyes in Front of Monitor

Some of us would have the habit of working for long in front of a PC monitor, either to work or doing other things like playing games and browsing. As a result the effects of eye fatigue and dizzy head was unavoidable.

While many consider this fact is not entirely true, but in reality it is still affecting the health of our eyes. The effect we sometimes a little difficult to focus the object of view, and so on. This of course caused a radiation monitor for too long while we work.

As quoted from Softpedia here are some tips to avoid eye fatigue, while in front of the monitor:

1. Keep your distance from the monitor.
Being too close to the monitor is a bit dangerous for our eyes. We should maintain visibility into our monitors well. The recommended distance is about 20-40 inches (50-100cm) from the eye.
If we are still difficult to read when the monitor was located at a distance of 20 inches, try to enlarge the font you until we feel comfortable.

2. Get rid of CRT, LCD Switch to
Monitor tubes (CRT) does give a worse effect than the LCD, but the energy required is also greater. Try replacing our CRT monitors with LCDs.
But the price of LCD monitors are more expensive than CRT. For those of us who still love CRT monitors, it helps us buy anti-radiation filters. This is the solution to reduce the pain from the eyes linger on the front of the monitor, but with low prices.

3. Adjust monitor settings
Some monitors are now many provide pre-set display mode, to allow users to change their screen setting. Pre-set these settings to give a different level of brightnes, to adjust the conditions of use of the monitor. Sometimes use it.
For example setting like, 'text' or 'internet' will feel much cooler in the eyes, when we use for typing or browsing. Settings 'game' or 'movie' will look much brighter when used.

4. Use anti-radiation glasses
Although it costs a relatively more expensive, but it's good we have enough money to buy anti-radiation glasses. Addition you can take them wherever we work, these glasses are not only useful when we work in front of the monitor, namuna also protect the eyes from the car light, radiation TV, and so on.
In fact anti-radiation coating on the glasses, very useful for our eyes. Because the layer automatically reduces the effects of pain in the eyes due to excessive light radiation.

5. Rest my eyes for a moment, periodically
The easiest way to avoid eye fatigue caused by radiation monitors are mengistirahatkannya periodically. Try to rest my eyes for about 5 minutes every hour. We can use it to take 5 minutes walk, see the sights, wash your face and so on. The important thing away from the monitor.


Newest Apple TV released on 2013

New realm of digital TV seems tested by two big names, Apple and Google. Apple was preparing a TV set for launch early 2013.

Information quoted from an internal source who declined to be named said Jeff Robbin, Apple engineer who helped create the iPod and iTunes are leading the cultivation of this product.

But as usual, Apple refused to confirm or comment on rumors about the presence of its new product.

Apple says an internal resource person, company from Cupertino, California, United States wants to let users easily access TV show by integrating all the available content sources such as cable TV, an online movie rental services and iTunes.

Before death, former Apple CEO Steve Jobs has also said that he has solved the problem of constructing and developing a TV. This was revealed in a book written by Walter Isaacson biography.

"I wanted to create a set of fully integrated TV is easy to use. It will be synchronized with all your devices, also with iCloud. I will make the simplest user interface you can imagine. Finally I found a way," Jobs said at the time.

Hearing rumors of the arrival of the Apple TV, Google has as its nearest competitor doing some updates to Google TV was first launched in 2010.

Apple itself has experimented with digital TV sets since 2007. At that time, Apple launched the Apple TV connected with TV and offer access to content stored on the hard drive or download it from iTunes. The latest version of Apple TV, which was launched last year, get rid of this hard drive and replace it with more streaming options.

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