Newest Apple TV released on 2013

New realm of digital TV seems tested by two big names, Apple and Google. Apple was preparing a TV set for launch early 2013.

Information quoted from an internal source who declined to be named said Jeff Robbin, Apple engineer who helped create the iPod and iTunes are leading the cultivation of this product.

But as usual, Apple refused to confirm or comment on rumors about the presence of its new product.

Apple says an internal resource person, company from Cupertino, California, United States wants to let users easily access TV show by integrating all the available content sources such as cable TV, an online movie rental services and iTunes.

Before death, former Apple CEO Steve Jobs has also said that he has solved the problem of constructing and developing a TV. This was revealed in a book written by Walter Isaacson biography.

"I wanted to create a set of fully integrated TV is easy to use. It will be synchronized with all your devices, also with iCloud. I will make the simplest user interface you can imagine. Finally I found a way," Jobs said at the time.

Hearing rumors of the arrival of the Apple TV, Google has as its nearest competitor doing some updates to Google TV was first launched in 2010.

Apple itself has experimented with digital TV sets since 2007. At that time, Apple launched the Apple TV connected with TV and offer access to content stored on the hard drive or download it from iTunes. The latest version of Apple TV, which was launched last year, get rid of this hard drive and replace it with more streaming options.

Fujifilm FinePix JX420 Digital Camera

Compact digital cameras need not be always the latest in terms of features in order to be popular and catch attention. Sometimes it just needs to be affordable to a greater number of people in order to become one. Fujifilm might be taking this route when it comes out with the new FinePix JX420 Digital Camera in Japan.

The new Fujifilm FinePix JX420 Digital Camera features a 16MP CCD sensor in a slim body that also houses a 28mm wide Fujinon lens with 5x optical zoom. It also comes with a 10cm macro mode, an ISO range between 100 to 1600 and expandable to 3200. Other features include a 2.7 inch LCD screen, support for HD video recording and expandable storage using an SD or SDHC card. It features may not be that different for a lot of other compact digital cameras today. But its affordable price point may make it attractive enough. The Fujifilm FinePix JX420 is expected to be available in Japan by November. It is expected to cost around 13,000 Japanese Yen or around US$172.

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