Fujifilm X-S1 has a 26x Optical Zoom

Camera category of 'bridge' or bridge camera will soon be launched by Fujifilm. With up to 26x zoom favor, the X-S1 Fujifilm cameras enliven the competition which is the incorporation of this compact and DSLR.

He will go on sale in February next year with a tag of 699 Pounds Sterling or USD 9.8 million (1 GBP = USD 14 115). Here it is 10 points which deserve the highlights of the camera:

1. 26x Optical Zoom Can Be Promoted
Long zoom lens is the flagship bridge camera features such as the one in Canon Powershot SX40 where it offers 35x zoom and f/2.8 maximum aperture. Although zoomnya shorter than the SX40, but is equipped with Intelligent Digital Zoom capability which can increase the range zoomnya up to 2x. Fujifilm claims the photo quality is not reduced.

2. EXR CMOS sensor
Fujifilm EXR wear size CMOS sensor 2 / 3 inch with 12 million pixels. Sensor similar to that used in the X10. Echoed, he was able to overcome obstacles in low light conditions.

3. High ISO
This camera ISO sensitivity from 100-3200 but can be pushed up to 12 800 when shooting in JPEG format small.

4. Tilt the LCD Screen
Sized 3-inch LCD which is owned by X-S1 can be tilted so that helps when photographing an object with a difficult angle. LCD is also equipped with a daylight mode in which helps users to reduce glare when shooting in bright sun light.

5. EXR Processor Promising Quick Shot
EXR processor has a high speed sehhingga he could take pictures with full resolution of up to 7fps. In fact, users are also able to shoot 10fps with a reduction of up to 6 MP image quality.

6. EXR Auto Mode
Reported by TechRadar on Monday (11.28.2011), X-S1 comes with an auto EXR mode that is able to detect the scene in front of the camera and provide the appropriate camera settings.

The key features Fujifilm X-S1:

26x optical zoom to Intelligent zoom up to 52x zoom
EXR 12 megapixel CMOS sensor
Up to 10fps shooting
EVF & LCD tilt screen
Full HD video
PASM modes
Raw file format
Macro focus to 1cm

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