Tips boot windows XP computer to be faster

Here are the steps to boot windows faster:

Step 1:
Open the notepad application
Type "del c: \ windows \ prefetch \ ntosboot-*.* /
q "(without the quotes) and save as the name
ntosboot.bat in drive c: \

Step 2:
Then click the Start menu-> Run-> and type gpedit.msc

Step 3:
Click Computer Configuration-> Windows Settings-> Scripts-> then click 2 times on Shutdown

Step 4:
In the Windows Shutdown
Properties click Add then browse.
then find the location of the file ntosboot.bat
that you created earlier and click open

Step 5:
Then click OK, Apply and OK
longer to complete

Step 6:
Then click the Start menu-> Run-> devmgmt.msc and

Step 7:
Click IDE ATA / ATAPI controllers-> Primary IDE Channel (click 2 times
to open the properties)

Step 8:
Select Advanced Settings
In Device 0 or Device 1
Change the Device Type to None (Change only option Device Type
that is not locked)

Step 9:
Click IDE ATA / ATAPI Controllers-> Secondary IDE Channel (Click 2
time to open the properties)
Repeat as Step 8

Step 10:
Restart your computer and
You can see the changes.
Hopefully Helpful.

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